Saturday, May 16, 2009

stacks on deck. patron on ice. we can pop bottles all night .
baby you can have whatever you like .
dear mother of god . never again will i wear heels . its funny how , no matter how many times i say that and no matter how much pain i go through i always end up wearing them again the next day .. shows how smart i am . so there i was for the millionth time wearing my black ancle heels and bumming the city nightlife .
black leggings are good , winter will be enchanting. on the downsided… Another fight with my better half tonight .. i cant even remember why . Thats how pointless our arguments have gone to . tonight was pretty bad tho… it hurt . but , as if on cue ~ ten minutes later it was over and forgotten . Relationships are wierd.. it’l be the hardest thing you will ever work towards, every day fighting for something you believe in, which is being together and yet it can fall appart in a matter of seconds , regardless of how much has been built . No matter how much he and i fight the strength of our relationship isnt effected . We both understand that both of us will have some way of seeing things , and fighting could be a way of .. ahh.. explaining our views ? neh… in the end we compramise . we’re happy : ) 99.8% of the time so its all good . its just how things are . shit happens . thing is , we dont just want this to happen .
we need it to .
simply cant imagine being without him .

- au revoir .

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