Monday, July 20, 2009

city lights don't shine as bright when we're appart .
baby your have the keys to my heart ,
promise that you'll never leave me in the dark .

this blog is pretty much one of my favourites!

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credit: lefashion

thinking about ordering a pair of those heels , if i can find them haa .
credit: letmeinfashion

i woke up late so i didnt end up going to school (yay) haha, o well i had double study today so i didnt really have anything to do at school anyway and mother didnt mind so much that i didnt go. i stayed at home and read blogs , watch tv and ate sushi , ahh, feels like the holidays again :( . i might do some online shopping now haha, blogs make me shop: and i blog too much . lastnight: i had a fight with the boyfriend, he is such a jealous guy, he constantly jokes about one of my hot friends and yesterday i said something about a guy we work with and he got so mad ! aghh , cranky cranky, but all is sorted now, merr haha he's such an asshole . (L) ,
- au revoir

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