Monday, December 21, 2009

so im sitting infront of my laptop wearing black sunnys because i hate being sick, well not really ill sick more like my eyes are swollen and sore, apparently from not sleeping enough err.. but still, the light hurts my eyes hahaha ew...still waiting for bby to come over ==" he slept in grr...
i was on facebook, looking at fan/group websites & found some really nice bloggers & stuff.

got to admit, im pretty proud of my blog template. i wrote it from scratch, literally deleated the whole template pretty much and wrote my own. took sooo long, like two weeks? some stuff wasnt working properly but i got there, i did some editing and finally figured out how to stretch the body !! i knew how but couldnt remember hehe, guess this is what info tech was good for in highschool i suppose hahaha. heppy heppy.
peekaboo :

credit:Le Black Book Boutique

credit: Cyan Reign

credit: model & blogger Christina Dietze
( oh, ♥ )

billy fk pang better be happy, if i hear one complaint about being on blog from him ill punch him in the face because im doing this as an alternative to talking to people and making him paranoid. :@ 

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