Thursday, July 09, 2009

This is insane' it never is baby
That's why they stay behind us
And that is where they belong
okayyyyy , so this holidays i went out just about every day , 111 to holland park west which then lead me to either sunnybank or the city , mostly sunnybank though . yummm . and if i was not catching 111 i was either at work or still in bed . yes , the simple life haha . faaaarkk school is starting soon , piss me off.. i want to work more .. i wanttt to finish school already . ehh . i want more $$$ to go shopping :( i ripped my leggings today , not good . so i woke up late and crankily went to babys house who forgot to pick me up and was on his way to his car when i got to his driveway.
"oh i was going to pick you up"
toooo late mister haha so i stomp into his house where he runs and gets a bowl of fruit he carved little shapes that were heaps cute .
"i just wanted you to come here so that you can have this" he says with puppy dog eyes . im like ohh bebee until i thought of something..
"was this before or after we fought ?"
"it doesnt matter does it " :)
"before or after, bebe"
"... after..."
"is this a 'forgive me platter' ?"
"mabye.." hahahaha
what a little douche. but anyway , inhaled the fruit pretty much and watched Ali G indahouse , which iv already seen yearsss ago but baby hasnt and he found it hilarious . it was funny watching him "rofl" at the shit on the screen .
bla bla bla
after i had a shower we went to garbo to look for a present for his dads birthday x) we got him a big piece of salt rock :o LOOOL i thought it was funny :) but its really cool , i want one , its like a lamp ? but its a big rock carved from salt from some mountain that lets out positive ions and stuff and its all healthy and pretty and what not but yeah :) .
after that we drove to mine and bla , he went to dads to eat and then hung with han . While he was doing that i was at home , i dyed my hair again ! haha , i bleached it . again . i forgot about my roots going lighter than my other hair so i had white roots and orange-brown hair.. fabulous . so now im a ranga with no more hair dye . i told baby id get him an ipod for hairdye and he agree'd to the deal so he is comming over heaps early tomorow morning and we are going to get hair dye hahaha eeeeeeeep . i look horrid . but like not ? i like this haircolour , its not actually that bad . but then again im use to having drastic hair colour changes .
neh , tomorow ! im hanging with some ladies :) im working on saturday and sunday . nancy is going to kill me because i called her cute yesterday and she was all happy about it until michael said "when i was back in school cute meant ugly but interesting to look at" i did nooot mean it like that at all haha everyone thought it was hilarious , not me so much. i have to deal with cranky nancy on saturday hahaha . neeh , o well ! until tomorow :)
au revior . x

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