Monday, July 06, 2009

dont be afraid ,
ill be there every step of the way .

so im sitting in bed , again , at 2am in the morning unable to sleep . my sleeping patterns are so fucked up , that or im an insomniac . ehh either or , got the good old SBS channel out listening to french opera's "amore infinito" by Placido Domingo. nice stuff. not as nice as others, but then thats just me and my opera knowledge is very limited , ha , i did a second blog tonight because my first one was a bit too... formal and shizn, naa mean ? bahh im tired but i cant sleep so ill chit chat on here to noone in particular until i get sleepyishneshh , boyfriend is dying because his feet hurt from working 100000 hours in the past 3 days with little sleep and stuff haa, poor him :) its our six months today / this morning . amazing really , time has flown by sooooooo fast, its mind blowing . :) cant believe its been half a year with him already , i remember talking to him on new years on the phone, faaaaahh.. i love him loads . i should charge my phone .. nahh . so yeah ! this weekend i WORKED 7:30am - 4pm :( tireeeeddd, im exhausted but farkksake :( piss me off . i want to go shopping $600.00 pay this week , im going to pay my phonebills and then not spend ANY of it , wire it into the account i have for billy so i can get his iphone soon :) soon... i want to get other stuff with his iphone, not just the phone. he likes this big black clock iphone doc -radio thing for like $200 , so i think ill get that when i pick up the iphone. he knows all this because he likes to go through my notes and shit to find out things im getting for him , have a bad memory so i always put it in my ipod or phone haha... too bad i have an app on my ipod that he cant get into with out my pw , so he wont see much anymore but yeah :) he has no idea when he's getting his stuff, might be next year, next month, tomorow ? whooo knows ! haha , killing him. i want to get it soon.. sooooooooooonish depends on my $$$ .
work was boring, baby came over tonight and we did shitall as usual, going to sleep at him house tomorow . hanging out with the ladies on wednesday +theyr bbs, that should be entertaining , i need dosh, spend all my money on douche again hahaha , ngehhhhh.
i want to go shopping... like saaaaaaaaaales everywhere , i think i will get a new straightner... or mabye not hahahaha , i want shoes , no i want new jeans . yeaaaaaaahh.. and detailed tight-legging things i saw in the city that were sooo cute + the "perfect leather jacket" that seems to be impossible to find and .. um um um .. fark i uno . more leggings . and stuff i saw in sports girl .

ok, tired now . sleep :)
- au revoir

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