Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Heaven at night
Have you ever been to heaven at night
Closing your eyes the feeling so right
At first you might see this one bright beam of light
Clutching your soul
Happy unites and feelings take flight
Blinds of the evils you give them no sight
Focus on floating, your focus is tight
Like you be road ass you safe for a class
To pass in the night
Have you ever seen the ending so nice
You feel so free like your high as a kite
Like how you feel if you drink some bud light
Followed by Jag
Models we smile then tilt our heads back
These are a few of the visions I like
Mixed in with light,
These are my favorites to dream in the night
This is my heaven at night

- kid cudi , heaven at night . definitely like this song today :)


megan & billy pang. he just had to make that face ..

friday night was my boyfriends dads birthday , so we all went to sunnybank for dinner :) it was nice, i love the food there , droooooool . seriously , will . kill . for . oriental . haha :) it was so good . i ate so much , we ate so much. enjoyed every part of that night :)
some photos :
we call them "ass buns" , they give you good luck .. i think ?

rachael & harold

megan & the little ones

my baby billy

dad & the little ones .

mine , the ass bun that is :) haha i joke . my bby .

- au revoir

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