Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You See It All In My Smile
You Hear It All In My Laugh,
The Way I Walk
You Hear Me Talkin,
No, I'm No Longer Sad
I've Got More Reason To Smile
More Now Than I've Ever Had
Open My Eyes And Realized
That Nothing's Quite That Bad

- Better today: neyo

hello old / new blog ! haha , yes , im back.  so , first day of school for term three and we got out OP / Rank predictions . fabulous , not going to put what i have because i dont want to.. but , :) i did really really good , im in the good half , inbetween 1 and 15 :), very proud actually. so im all good with that , i just need to study more, i need a 10 at least . easyyyy shitttt , haha , cooocky .

i was reading some blogs and i came across this photo :

credit: the avenue a

what you think ? i think its nice, model is absolutely stunning though i have no clue who it is ! her hairrrr . speaking of hair , friday morning i had issues with my hair . see, i lightened it the night before, and it came out alright, kinda, wanted more of a brown but got a dark orange instead, i didnt think it was that horrible until i woke up in the morning and it had gone fluro orange, yes, i have photos :

hair issues .


how exciting is that ? im watching harry potter right now on tv as we speak :) , or as i type. im watching the third one i think ? the one with my favourite character : sirius comes in . another favourite is the woman with the colour changing hair hahaha , the warewolf and so.. yeah , alot i know ner . cant wait to watch this movie though , and i watched the preview on tv, the advertisement for it and i got so excited i actually had tears in my eyes, boyfriend and mother were all like
*rolling eyes* "your patheticcccc.."
i cant help it .
&yes , before you ask , i do love edward cullen .

au revoir .

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St├ęphie said...

So there is your Blog... okayy

Harry Potter fan ! Me too ! I just can't help myself to wait tomorrow.
But... you're French actually? Loool


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