Tuesday, July 14, 2009


They're playing our song & my whole body feels it
credit: Chantal of Cocorsa wearing skull sweater from withasianstereotypes.

i really love this cut out skull sweater, its lovley, i like it alot actually .

Balmain biker chain leather jacket
credit: withasianstereotypes

holy shit is right, this is what im talking about when i said "im looking for the perfect leather jacket" seriously, look at this and tell me you dont want it , do it. impossible ? i know . i pretty much died when i saw this. i like just about anything Pierre will throw at us, i fell into Pierre Balmain designs when i started buying Vogue France/Paris and found the mullet dress i wanted for my formal , got something similar .

credit: Hushydoll

some people can do no wrong, fell in love with these , getting them or a very similar pair next week .

- au revoir .


Joanna said...

i love that jacket!
infact i love pretty much any balmain jacket (:

[ http://letstalkwang.blogspot.com ]

MEGANPEE. said...

ahh ! i love balmain too, eep i didnt see your comment =="

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