Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The days & nights are long here when i'm missing you
I'm trying not to trip but i don't feel comfortable

okay so what im doing is im going to make a couple posts today , because instead of doing one big catchup thing im going to just dedicate one post to one post.. nah mean ? instead of one for a million... yeahhhh.. nevermind .
anyway ! michael jackson died the other week , how devastating is that ? i so definitely believe that is why i kept getting baby dreams prior to him dying. see, when you dream babies, it means death, when you dream death it means new life .. if you understand what im talking about ? but yeah , i haven't had any baby dreams since he died , i told baby someone was going to die , i thought it was going to be someone close to me , but instead it was michael , leave me alone with my beliefs ! haha , stop laughing....but yes , my aunties and mother were devistated, all having a little cry over it since he was like their idol , specially my mother, she loved him
"he's my first boyfriend"
ha ... crazed fans ? but yea .. apparently he died from taking a drug to sleep, which is only meant to be used in hospitals to put operation patients to sleep before operations. so heh.. pretty sad, his little babies are left behind. i had no idea he was gay, sneaking out in the middle of the night dressed as a woman to have en devours in cheesy hotels. im going to post pictures of these jeans i saw that i really like later too . su-prising .

even with all that dark stuff around michael jackson i will still, and always think he was the biggest person in the music industry, he started all the dancing stuff that millions of people try to do now, all his trademarks and stuff, fabulous stuff really, im sure his music would have hit the roof in sales. not only was he the king of music itself but he was also a wonderful and dedicated father :) thats always good , at least he wasn't one of those people who left their kids with maids and stuff. he will never be forgotton .

baby michael jackson
such a cute kid .

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