Wednesday, July 15, 2009

running out of hope until i met love,
now i can stand up
what would i do if i didnt know you.

, i got paid today, nearly $1 000 :) so i might go shopping , i have to buy the boyfriend that new IPHONE3Gs first before i can go on my spree. ahh the complications of being in a relationship, no more excessive, mindless, self indulgence, yep, cant be only me spending all my dosh on stuff i want, time to think about someone else for a change, which is a pretty wow thing for me. Im an only child, never shared things, bought expensive things and stuff for anyone else but myself before, time is a'changinggg and i like the smell of it haha, but ! im thinking things along this line ?
this is what im working through at the moment this week.

voile/ knit zip top, bardot.

luella skinny jeans , bardot

black sheep sass & bide

leggings , sports girl .

and a couple of other little things , bangles, heels from dotti and black & tan gloves, laced shirt and some other ditties from sports girl, leggings from sex kitten, and some stuff from other little places in the valley. i just put an order on this lovlie . photos later when delivered . :)

pvc glossy ruched black rats.

ahhh , cant wait until they come through, hmm need an orange-pinky & black draping shirt.. or grey , mm yes a grey one haha , shiiiiiieeeshhh i really want to go out shopping and its only Wednesday :( friday night latenight !
haha baby got his iphone just now (wired money into his account for him), so excited he isnt talking to me , ignored . just like when he got his car lol. ehh, he'll come around . im getting him a big clock-dock thing next week haha :). ehh..dinner .

au revoir .

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