Saturday, May 16, 2009

i'm accustomed to you , your a part of my life .
everything I told you honey , ive nothin' to hide .
ahh ! the most anoying thing in the world... FASHION NAME DROPPERS ! haha ..
pov . wannabee , sad little ones : )

Anyway ! i saw this ; funny funny x)
Teeny Bopper ; ( genus; Teenikin Bopperili.)
General Description :
In this case , we are observing the AzN ~~~~ subspecies of TB , each race , generally has their own kind of TB , but this is the one I am most familiar with .
Likes : Name Brands , Any car that was featured on Initial D , Morning Glory , Sanrio , Zogabi , Sticker Photos , Dream Photos , Daytona , Counter-strike , Dota , MT , WarCraft , Bitching , Backstabbing , Heavily Peroxided Hair .
Dislikes : Not being able to afford name brands , Other TBs , Anyone deemed cooler than themselves , People who dont wear name brands , people with black hair , anyone that isnt AzN ~~~~ .
Can Be Seen At : LAN Cafe , VA, Excalibur , Whitehouse , Chapel St , Outside underage Club venues (most popular being Salt , Soul , Red , Blue , Green , Magenta . ) , Hanging around State Library & Shopping Malls , Sticker Photo shops , Morning Glory , the CT, Box Hill .
Cant Live Without : Mobile Phone ( with enough dangly decorations to cause a landslide, and little fluffy things the size of a small child, and photo compatibility to add to their plethora of photos taken with all their TB friends they dont actually like ) , Trends to follow , Pocket Money ( has been known to rival the family fortune of some lower income households . )
Demeanour Females :
Towards Males : Ridiculously Cute , Ditzy , Disarmingly Nice , ( This , is scientifically proven to be all an act , to attract a TB of the opposite sex , who , unknowingly will be sucked dry ( emotionally , financially , more the latter ) and discarded in a few weeks . Much like those Praying Mantis things you see on the Discovery Channel . )
Towards Females : Calculating ( ie . Breast size , or in fact , any evidence of chestal baggage what-so-ever ) , Cold , Extremely Snobby , Backstabbing , General Bitch . ( When Males of the genus are not around , the real personality of the Female azn~~~ TB comes to the fore . Most evident in the many enemies they make during their regular incursions into other TB territories ( The female of the species is much like the Male of certain large predatory cats , in that they roam a wide and well defined boundary , with a desired number of Males within , worshipping them . The only time a Male will see this side , is when they are in a relationship with one , and by then it is too late . )
Demeanour Males :
Towards Females : Overtly Loud Mouthed trash talking gangsters .
Towards Males : Overtly Loud Mouthed trash talking gangsters . Extremely Competitive , love talking themselves up . Tends to over exaggerate , everything , including attractiveness , their admirers , and their nice ride.
Distinguishing Features Females :
Hair colour: Never ever Black , due to perceived uncoolness of having a natural hair colour . Can vary from either "I washed my hair with industrial strength cleaner blonde " to " I have just enough colouring to be cool brown . " May also involve highlights of other , cuteness enhancing colours .
Hair Style: Whatever is trendy in Japan/Hong Kong/Korea . Hair if needed to be clipped , usually full of cuteness enhancing pink/blue hello kitty/pucca/blue bear/morning glory clips . Takes at least 45 minutes to create . Is more artificial than biological , due to repeated chemical straightening/perming treatments . There has been an cases of the hair actually taking on a life of its own , and controlling the TB itself ( Because of the little difference in demeanour between a regular TB and one affected with the above disorder is so minute , the number of victims is unknown . )
Distinguishing Features Males :
Hair Colour : See Females . Although , replace cuteness with Hardcaw gangstaZ .
Hair Style : There are two main types . Down or Up . Down is either a middle part , or something stemming from the middle part ( commonly known as Default Asian Hair ) Up generally involves , well , spikes depending on hardcoreness and the length of the spikes increase accordingly . Has been compared to stelecmites and antlers on a deer . Both involving an environmentally unfriendly amount of hair product , sometimes even more than the Female TB .
General : they are extremely fixated on brand names ( that theyve stolen , or haggled from some black market in Chinatown or Malaysia , and will go to no end to bring up talk about clothes in general conversation , just so they can talk about what brand they are wearing . Hey , like my new pants/top/scarf ?
Females Would Like : Anything by Ralph Lauren , Banana Republic , Sass and Bide , etc .
Actually Wears : Supre , Miss Shop , Misc . Imitation Clothes from South East Asia , Anything deemed cute or KaWaAaIiizZzZ~~~!! by peers . Also , has an abnormal affinity with scarves and spray-paint jeans ( with flares that can envelope a developing nation ) , even in hot weather . Very fickle , and will change entire wardrobe according to what the girl they hate is wearing . Simliar to normal girls clothes , but usually 1 or 5 sizes smaller . Wardrobe in severe cases is worth more than the house which houses them .
Males Would Like : Anything by Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfinger, Hugo Boss etc.
Actually Wears : Mooks , Giodarno , Stussy , Imitation Clothes from South East Asia . Exclusively dresses in the colours : white black and tan . Clothes are either on the suss side of tight , or the homeboy side of baggy ( usually with the waistband hovering about the skinny boys ankles ) .
Language : TBs speak in a total sub dialect of English , which normal people have the capability of understanding , but this involves an incredible amount of brainpower that only 60% of the population possesses . When speaking the males of the species tend to say "Man" "Yo" "bro" "dude" and "sup" a lot , interspersed with a lot of grunting and head nodding . The Females , on the other hand , are somewhat at the other hand of the scale , as they tend to run words together , producing an entirely incomprehensible babble eg: weeeeeiiheywhatchuup totodayhowyabeenive beenkewlhaveyouseen mynewscarfisntitcuteo hmygodmyphonesringing sorry. Their language deteriorates even more online, where communicating with a TB is akin to talking to a Giant SMS message, with more pictures.
lol . the similarities to some of that babble bullshit is kinda eep .
- au revoir

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