Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i wake up every evening with a big smile on my face
and it never feels out of place .
Okay, so im sitting in class bored out of my brains . just txtd bebe , who hasnt replied due to his whole semesters of work due today and he only starting two days ago , having no sleep for the past fourty two hours he's probably burnt out n fallen alseep by now . Im really not in the mood to work on my assignments any further than i already have , not that i really can since im waiting on feedback, who knows ? knowing me , im probably going the completley opposite way to what im supposed to do through criteria . nehh . Anyway , deciding against looking up information on scientology and furthering my research on my already-started highschool-thesis on Disease and Biotechnology ( case study of Siamese Twins ; Mary&Jodie . ) i thought id do more "online shopping" its good .
iv added about half a dozen things on each account to my "wishlist" so that i can buy them next week when i go to the bank to get my debit card . or steal dads credit card and pay him later... or not , early graduation pressent ?
ha . anyway , iv decided that i dont want to be like the million clones wearing the same things from the same LIMITED shops we have in brisbane . ahh if only i can go back to melbourne again , even sydney would be something slightly different than the same old same stuff we have here . i wish i could remember what paris was like , no rush to go back tho , french smell apparently . hahaha . anyway... im over brands . like really over it ? everyone is just too superficial these days..
speaking of superficial funny-ness . i think its heaps funny that someone has to um.. announce that they got something new from some expensive well-known brand so that they look more "higher class" of whatever . "i love my versace fragrance that i got for a million dollars :) " lmfao ahahahaha .. please thats so sad .
- au revoir .

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