Thursday, August 06, 2009


take this sinking boat and point it home
we've still got time .
yeah , hello : ) okay so i havent been on in like ages ! and i thought i would be blogging regularly. yes , i suppose i lied. oh well nothing drastic has been happening latley anyway. same shit talkers bla bla , so much gossip at school these days though haha, some people are so pathetic, no big deal, schools just amusing now. Im sitting in science, should be working on my assignment but im tired and just dont feel like doing anything today: i have double study and plan to do it then. Oh , so annoyed before. All my subscriptions to everything like vanished of my blogger, arg, and like i didnt just have other blogs, i had all other sites i liked to but theyr all gone and now i wont be able to remember them all ah, a-noy-ingg . So iv been looking around at stuff and iv been seeing lots of ripped jeans now,

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omgosh: bardot and all thoes little shops have now opened up in the mall walking distance from my house, hardest thing ever walking past all those shops every day and not spending everything i have :( . ahh , i need to work more .

TODAY is me and my bbys 7 months :) yeah, short and sweet. Seriously feels like yesterday when i ran into him for the first time, and when we started seeing eachother and all the begining mushy-stuff . young love :) He rang me at 12:O1 just to make sure he was the first one to say it haha , cute. that and because he was just getting home from being out with the guys ==" erh. o well its all the same. im going to get him something today, i swore on everything holy that he cannot get me a n y t h i n g until our one year, the things he buys me constantly, ipods, mountains of clothes. its a shopping spree every weekend, literally hundreads of dollars every saturday. no more , iv been spoilt enough . haha :)
anyway : changing classes now.

- au revoir.

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