Monday, August 10, 2009


so why you so obsessed with me
boy, i wanna know


so HELLO THERE ! , oh my golly. i am soo stressed over english. we have a ten minute oral that we have to pretty much memorise and its doing my head in since i started two days ago and finished my script and stuff last night but i still havent memorised it ! oh my oh my im so screwed. and im still on here i dont know why :( DISTRACTIONS ! haha :)
but yeah ! i was on yes style before. i think im going to order a huge bunch soon again,

yeah , ill start working through stuff like that soon. arg , so lazy these days ! but i dont feel like shopping.. but like its wierd, im just tired, but i need to go out .. but im too tired :(

ah , im going to study now .. again . erg.

- au revoir .

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