Thursday, September 10, 2009

Way over here from across the street.
Wanna jump out the window, make you notice me.
But when you give me the eye, I become a nervous guy

Aha, okay hello yes yes, so im sitting in my room im so tired i just want to lay down and chill and maybe play xbox for a bit ASSASSINS CREED ! yeah but no.. it doesn't work out like that, see dad has just found the Call Of Duty games and now hes playing it, and i was to go to bed but nooo he has to play ==" aha
so.. sitting on msn all chill talking to TOMMY TSENG whos a massive flaming homosexual (sorry ladies)  ahaha but yeah, we're trying to figure out the grammar formal stuff, tables and such :| doooomeddddd ahaha going to be a massive nervous wreak on that day because i know like nooo-oneeee, hm i think ill do my own makeup to be honest because i dont like how the makeup lady did mine ahaaa...and ill just curl my hair.
HAIR ! i got my extentions from shanghai ! seven pieces at twenty inches each, so good so good getting them cut tomorow.
SHOPPING TOMOROW ! how excitingggggg !  
Today i went to school at like 12ish, crammed for my Science exam which i think i did pretty good in and then i went to the city and did some window shopping with Elaine and Steven : ) all in all , a good day, didnt get to see bb today, he was too busy.. ehhhh haha : ) shit happens i guess.
 finally figured out what day we are all going to go to mad dance studios , we'v decided on the 19th , the day after the grammar formal ahaha : ) yeeew so cant wait havent danced in so so long i miss it :*( i probably cant even remember HOW to dance, holy moly what am i going to wear ??? loool i need my converses =="  i will go through my crap later, hm i think i threw my converses out, the black ones.. too much sentimental meaning that i didnt want to keep anymore.. or mabye i still have them ? because theyr shoes and i need a pair like them == eeerkkk and my long pants, probs a singlet too : ) sounds a goood ! going to bed / play xbox now that dad has gone away aharrharr : ) 

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