Thursday, September 17, 2009

You dont have to turn the page, iv read this story
it ends with you and me.
Eh, in a shit mood, for weeks Alyssa and i have been planning to go to Mad Dance House Studios for a day with a bunch of people, and yeah we got it all sorted and stuff but boyfriend decides not to let me go, because of a particular someone. Thats right.. i forgot i wasn't trusted around them, you know, in case i did my usual throw myself at them and beg to reunite. blaa , o well !
one day later...
okay, totally forgot what i was talking about up there, kinda forgot i was even making a post, youtube is a horrid distraction :(, but im already kinda-but-not-really over mad dance studio , so today ! i went shopping alone. i like shopping alone, as wierd as that may be, solo-shopping goes good with me, im a very individual kinda person, so s'all good :)
princess polly has that dress i wanted AGAIN, they got new stock lol my friend works there and she was like get it now ill give you your members discount AND employee discount i was like Y_Y cantt.. aha.
holy moly seriously, im so sick of guys talking to me whenever i go out without the boyfriend ( something i dont do often ).  today; a white sleasy drunkish guy told me i had nice tits as i crossed the road from central to David Jones, an african-american/little-fob guy followed me across the myre centre asking me if i was korean and if i go to his school and how am i, whats my number ecttttt and im like eeerrrr noo.. go away. And, remember that aboriginal guy that grabbed my wrists and tried to pull me across the train station the other night a couple weeks back while demanding me to give him my number? yeah well ! he was at the station again and tried to talk to me the other day and then he followed me to central when he said he was getting off at newmarket, he instead followed me until i went inside qct then he turned around and walked towards central again.. and not even going to get started on that guy on the train who wanted me to leave my boyfriend for him because apparently "black is better than asian" :| .. okie dokie psychos. 
so, i have alot of shifts over the holiday, payday is over $1,100 next wednesday, and because of this i went and now have a list in my little head of what exactly ill be using that money for mwaha. ALSO, decided to withdraw like $100 every pay day and shove it into a box and hide it in my room every payday so that i forget where it is and cant spend it and when i do remember itl be payday again and ill put more money in it and hide it again aha good idea, my way of saving. I was cleaning the other day, and i accidently opened up a book and BAM ! $50 was inside it then, like 10 minutes later i found an old bag and BAM ! another $20 , im glad the past me was looking out for the now me :) aha, i paid myself to clean my room, i think i will do this often.

the fairy dress i want from princess polly
"going to the ballet"

on my list of things to get.

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