Tuesday, September 08, 2009


You see it all in my smile, you hear it all in my laugh, the way i walk, you hear me talking, no im no longer sad. Iv got more reason to smile, more now than i've ever had.
Feeling better today, much better today, so much better. 

 Hello hello !, omg yuck song just came on.. bt yeah so okay :) , seriously have a thing for neyo: ILEERRRVEENEYO. haha, so today i woke up and like the crack of dawn, felt like it and i pretty much just had a teary over how god damn tired i was and how much sleep i needed, i cant concentrate in school anymore im just dead aha..omg, been waiting like thirty minutes for farmville to load up that is HOW CAPPED I AM ! x( this is bollocks seriously..

 so today i like got robbed or something.. pretty crappy. lost all the $$ that mom gave me for the week plus the $$ that i already had :( the end bit of my paycheck.. lol but yeah AND my like $90 headphones for my ipod AND my boyfriends $300 headphones from HK ==" his brothers going to muuurrderrr meee :( o well, ill just give him more dolla dolla tomorow and yeh :(

vee's birthday soon ! yeeeew going shopping friday, pretty sure i said that already.. but yeah SHOPPINGG im like counting down ahaha :D


amazing, just yeeeep

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