Monday, September 07, 2009

And im not okay, unless your okay.

Ooookayy holy moly, it took me literally hours sitting at the computer staring intently at balaksjs < HT,m:L> and figuring out what the hell i was doing seriously :| And im like FINALLY ! i now understand and know how to freaking work the stupid html-css codes. So yes, this is what i have to show for about eight hours of consentration, impressed? i am, shit.. i would never have expected me to figure out something like this aha, even though i do this as a class at school.. But yes.
okay, so i haven't written in this in like ages :| but like its not that i cant be bothered, its because im busy with school naa mean ? and im so behind everyone's blogs that iv pretty much given up :| but yeah . so yeah omg omg i had QCS the other day, kill me; was THE most boring thing on the planet :| never. again. thank god its only a one time thing : ) and im pretty confident that i did really good, seeing as iv done like three years worth of QCS tests and stuff overr and overr and over again like holy shit.

Buttt yeahhhhh , okay so i did this and its done and now my blog is up and running again so ill start to blog again. id go read some but im really tired so i thought about just chittering here and then passing out.
yum, skim milk :) healthy ! 

I get paid in a couple of days, excitementtttt ! and i ended up buying the newer version of the "almost moon" the "dark horse" sass & bide dress that i will be picking up on friday, along with a second new dress from princess polly, heels, gloves, bag & a bunch of other stuff from elizabeth arcade :), Shopping with MEN (megan&elaine&nikki) on friday night :) cant wait, i havent been out with them in so longggg.

but yes, i will log later :) after i catch up on my reading and ughhh.. im capped so bad and so yeah .......... 
soooo... might be ages until i blog again lol , ahaha! chitshit soon leeerrve .


ps; dont look at old posts, they all fucked up in the process of re-doing my template lol . eeep


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