Monday, December 21, 2009

so im actually considering getting a tattoo in a months time. mom will probably disown me :| but i really want one, not like a tramp stamp or like a sleve or anything, just like yeah.. something small. billy's friend got his girlfriends name across his arm, i was like oh wow commitment. thats what got me thinking about getting one. hence last post. hm, had a really bad fight with boyfriend the other day + today. the other day he got all grr at me because he looked at my chat logs and found conversations that i forgot to tell him about. it wasnt flirting or anything like that, just the fact that i didnt tell him pissed him off really.. so yeah. see, he has like.. bad issues with trust and is constantly paranoid with me ==" but im not doing anything? but he's still thinks im all sus and whatever. so im like fine, dont want me talking to people anymore okay, ill start talking to myself on blog, again. To be honest facebook like stopped me from blog, i was like addicted hardout, crazy constant facebook mobile, itouch, laptop all night facebook mania but now the craze is gone and im kinda over it slash boyfriend is insane so i thought ill stop facebooking so much and talking to people so much on MSN so that he isnt so crazy. i actually havent been on msn without him being in the same room since the fight. im too tired to fight these days, so like whatever he wants ill just do so he is shh, hahahahaha.. so !! here i am, talking to myself, or whatever stalkers are around hahaarrrr.. i kinda feel bad though, i always start something and give up halfway and find something better to do, so i probably wont post for another six months hahaha! but really, been feeling too emo to type, that and my computer broke down :( but i got a new one vaio white ~ need to take it back though hahaha because.. the fan is making a funny noise ah. so probably wont hear from me for a while again.


so tonight i went to see the 9:15pm showing of Avatar with bebe, ohh so so sooo good in 3D!! movies everywhere are comming out in 3d ==", but seriously, i would recommend to anyone it is really a good watch. id chose this over twilight any day and i never ever thought i would say that. haha.

tomorow tomorow ! shopping for christmas stuff :) probably go to chermside or garden city, wherever bebe wants to drive i suppose. not sure what we are going to get, everyone is so hard to shop for these days ==" we got rachaels stuff down though ! i think, we might get her something else too thoughhhh thinkingg thinkinggg thinkinggg.

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