Monday, December 21, 2009

I thinkkkkk.. in this past year I've changed alot, like alot alot. The things i use to love, i now hate, things i use to hate i now love. The picture i once had in my head of where i would be today is so so very different to what it actually is now. Its like everything is different, and it all changed in a blind of an eye. I realized that i was once very materialistically driven, i lived inside magazines and went to sleep with dollar signs in my eyes and dreams of shopping and buying things. when im out its all shop shop shop, when im at home im inside a magazine or online ughs. constantly spending my last dollar on clothes and stuff that i actually dont need nor do i wear, they just sit in the closet with tags until i change my mind and throw them out. like wtf? for example: This week. wednesday i was paid $1 000, that was my paycheck for this week. i worked my ass to the death, sick as shit and still worked blood sweat and tears for every penny i earnt. Its sunday today and how much do i have? $100. thats it? $100, i spent nearly one thousand dollars in the past four to five days on a bunch of clothes and shit that i dont even really want anymore because like always, i changed my mind. i have the worst shopping problem imaginable. i buy things i dont even really want, just so i can buy something, anything.Im over it, most of it. I've decided for a change. Sure, ill look at stuff every now and then but really.. i honestly have better things to do than to stalk magazines and stare at pretty pictures of things i don't have 24/7, there is no essence in that kind of life. i mean that doesn't mean i'm going to stop. its just not like a vital thing to do anymore.

2010 will be good. new year, new hair, new tan and, as much as i hate to say it. a new pair of shoes. Yeppp, im starting fresh, forgetting about everything, and everyone who don't matter and having a complete change in personality and mind set, i have goals and idea's that i want to accomplish in life.im pretty sure, this is called growing up.

- A U R E V O I R

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