Wednesday, December 23, 2009

if looks could kill, id be in trouble right now.
time stands still when you're around.
i gave you all my time, and you gave me all your lies.
And you've just come around to say goodbye.
OKIE DOKIE ! you may not notice my blog has changed slightly but i have... and im pretty damn tootin' proud of what i have achieved because, pretty sure, i found it hard and i actually remembered and figured it out.
so today was like, early Christmas for the pang residence, as the whole family went over had a big dinner and then sat around in the entertainment room passing gifts and playing games. it was really good.. like everyone was happy and laughing and just a really warm feeling.
Spent pretty much all day cleaning, then me and billyboy went to chermside to do some shopping for his family
and stuff like that woo Christmas shopping.

Last night, bebe had trouble sleeping.. not sure why i think it was because he had a headache and sore wrist or something along those lines :) he asked for me to tell him a story. this sparked a little lightbulb in my head: i had a bunch of like drama/stories thing i got online.
see, i use to be a massive reader, I LOVE VIRGINIA ANDREWS , yeah i have literally ALL of her novels.. + other authors like Jodi Picoult, Janet Evanovich ectt ectttt. but yeah, anyway i went
and found a story that someone gave to me ages ago in school, its a Korean story.
Of course when i read the story to bebe i changed the names to Megan & Billy and other people
in our lives, set in Hong Kong. hahaha hes such a wiener.
I like the story alot, its moral is to never wait to tell someone you love them, because it might be too late.


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