Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i found this in my mountain of books and stuff, pretty sure it was given to me in highschool ?

Part One:

June 17 1999.
My name is Mina Nam. I'm 19, still very young, but i am dying. Not right now, but my life is slowly fading away as i'm writing my story. At this moment I'm sitting at 'our' spot. Mine and Eun Ji Won, the love of my life. The sun is slowly beginning to set over the lake. I took a glance at my reflection in the water. My outside looks have changed drastically within the past few months, but the water reflected the true me. Inside i'm still the same person. I have done and given so much for love but never once, have i received it back from Ji Won. There are times that i wanted to tell him everything that ive done for him and make him love me back. but i cant. love is not selfish. so i did what felt right. i keep giving Ji Won my love and i never asked for his love in return. Even though ill leave this world pretty soon, my love for him will still remain. My story begins when i first met Ji Won six years ago on this one fateful day. It all started out ...

I'll post a chapter or so every post :) hahaha :) yeah, its a good story, kinda sad though i had a bit of a teary at the end :( ! so.. its 4:15AM and i think i should be getting off to sleep soon :) OH ! a couple of days ago me and boyfee were talking about colouring our hair the same haha, i was thinking blue black / ash black (yes.. grey.. but not the OLD looking grey it was a cool grey okay ) but today he picked me up to go out shopping and BAM light brown hair, it looked nice so he's taking me to get light brown today :) in a couple of hours.. pft.. so much for ash black :( time for ash brown i suppose.

To Love With Studs.
pretty much , that picture was the same reaction i had when asshole got out of the car with different hair...


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Wonderful story..I love all of the pics on your blog.

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