Sunday, December 20, 2009

How come cupid never falls in love?
I bet somebody must've broke his heart
If he fell in love with me, I'd make him so happy
Fell in love, fell in love with me.

holy moly, i havent blogged in so long !! eep . haha , like exactly a month ago from now? yeah, iv been a little bit busy, but not really ? school finished so i have been pretty much with the boyfriend 24/7. we are going up to bundy to visit family soon i think, im not sure, we were but i don't know if we can now because of work complications. ehhh. for about ever, iv had this infatuation with tattoos, i don't have any because i know im the type of person who would constantly change her mind after she gets the tattoo and wont like it later and wont be able to live with looking at it if i dont like it, so tattoos are a no go for me, because i cant stand the.. permanency ? And blonde hair, no idea why.. i even had a failed attempt for blonde; orange woo thank you black hair, thank you. An attempt i will .. most likely.. not try again.. or maybe...
lots of stuff to lookie, i want, i want, most times ill get.. but still.... ugh.

credit: Something You Forgot.


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