Thursday, November 19, 2009

In my weakest moments I weep
'Cause I like the way, tears fit my cheek
In my darkest moments I cry
Oh how I love the way, tears suits my face
I like it salt, I like it wet
Like my makeup in a mess
So I cry hard , Let it fall
And I won't stop until my tears are all shed 

Really kinda love LYKKE LI (above: let it fall by Lykke Li), was being a mega "twi-hard fan" and looked up the soundtrack artists and downloaded all the music that were fresh on the pallet. I like her, i like her alot, so much in fact that i have a bunch of her now :) weoow.
anyway ! i went to my graduation ceremony today/tonight, its midnight right now, 20 past actually and i have work at like the crack of dawn but here i am typing away with sore nails :( Yes, went to the salon and got all done up painted & shaped and all that lovely stuff, the lady was a little bit rough though so my nails are all ouchies. ANYWAY ! going off on a tangent, went to graduation and there was a formal and omg this girl looked stunning in her bright pink princess dress and blonde hair with her matching couple i was blown away with how beautiful they actually looked together. NOW ! my point : barbie ! speaking of barbie. haha, new range comming out:
  Barbie Loves Mimco
exciteddd, it looks great.

credit: Absolutely Oblivious.

So yeah yeah yeah, my eyes are so sleepy but my mind wont rest. After graduation i was on my way home and drove past what seemed to be an aboriginal guy hugging a pillow outside starbucks in the bottom of the myre centre in the city and i looked at him like :S and he gave me the bird. how lovely..
mm i found this, birthday gift anyone? :D

This is love.
Alexander Wang

credit: le flassh.

okay, sleep time :D

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