Saturday, January 30, 2010

its like nearly four am, watching Avatar and eating snickers until i fall asleep, thought "oh, i miss my blog" haha.
my baby got me the complete six seasons of sex and the city so ill be digging into that for the next couple of days :) im trying to annoy him to get me the complete series of the OC as well, since its finish and so old
and i never watched it im thinking why not?
i desperately wish it was the 31st, Im 18 tomorrow! how exciting. clubbing and such :) life is just getting started.
i actually cant wait until second rounds for university offers. i think i want to change to nursing again
but then ill change my mind tommorow, i like the classes im doing. :) and
i have the BESTTTTT timetable ever :)
i haven't had a chance to catch up on blogs :( so ill defs be doing that some time soon.

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