Sunday, January 24, 2010

sleep all day, up all night. im officially nocturnal yep. Facebook is becoming less and less of an addiction as i slowly begin to live outside of social network and blogging. aha :].
but, what's been catching my eye? Preens Pre-Fall 2O1O collection, 
mostly because of the one modeling the collection.


Last image o: jacket-esque thing. 
Happy happy! tomorrow im going swimming at southbank with the girlies :)!!
catchup. i like haven't seen them since 2OO9!
but first, haircut at sunnybank for my cousin.
considering dying my hair black tonight and surprising everyone,
this light just wont work anymore.

tomorrow should be a good day.
oh! and iv notice a little bunch of new members!
hello new members of Petit Chou :) its nice to see new people reading every 
now and then :). & also, a small change to my list of favourite blogs. 
they are no longer open :)
its been redirected to a separate blog in which you have to be allowed access by yours truly.
message me if i forgot to put you on the list. geesh, took me all night to do all this.
got to love how this consumes so much time, better than boredum!



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crimzonite said...

I like the second and last image in this post; it's the way the clothes just hang on her, and I like her I-mean-business pose.:)

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