Thursday, January 14, 2010

New York, I Love You
But you're bringing me down
Like a rat in a cage
Pulling minimum wage
Like a death of the heart
Jesus, where do I start?
But you're still the one pool
Where I'd happily drown

But maybe she's wrong
And maybe I'm right
And just maybe she's wrong
Maybe she's wrong
And maybe I'm right
And if so, is there?

have you ever had one of those mornings where you woke up thinking
"today is going to be a fabulous day"
and it turns out to be like one of the worst out of all the normal days?
yeah. im having one of them...
you think about certain things, but you don't actually expect to hear what you're thinking. today i did.
im constantly thinking of it.. all the time,
its terrifying and life changing to the extreme.
tomorrow is the day that will be the beginning of a big change, or will it?
lets just hope my paranoia isn't getting to me.
ugh. hurry up winter !!!! im going to dye my hair black/xxxxx-dark brown again soon. im not a big fan of light hair on me, but i never seem to learn!
so im going to sit and look at pretty pictures.

yes, i caved and made a tumblr (thanks to my great cousin). its because tumblr is easier to access on iphone and has a much more friendly user setup ect ect :)  ill keep posting on here for a while, until i get my Tumblr html template set up and everything :)

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