Saturday, May 30, 2009

i want to feel you i need to hear you , you are the light that's leading me
to the place where i find peace again.

HAHA ! okay . so , lemme set the scene for you . scene .. the 411 ,
yeah k sad i know whatever, your face , suck my left ball . :)
ok so , my cousins from broome have come down to stay for a couple of days, white cousins that i havent seen in like twelve years . ones a year older than me the other is a year younger . anywaaaaaaaay we decided to go city on friday night ; they wanted krispe kremes and shit . so yeah off we went : ) so we're in the city , its hot , for a cold night cause of all the people . city is always like that tho . again, im wearing the shoes that kill but i jst wont ever learn . (( btw; new shoes next pay dayy mabyee very highly think so x) )). but yeah . so we're there and my boyfriend billy joins us and we bum around ; dinner and stuff . movie ; watched that museum movie , VERY funny . i was laughing the whole way through . but i find nearly anything funny so i cant really judge there haha ==" anyway . yeahhh so we're leaving the cinema . and we're in the tops part of the place and about to enter the lifts . three young girls about thirteen are already in the lift and are chitchatting away . anywhoo baby decides to go into the lift while the doors are shutting right ? now . everyone knows that the elevator doors open automaticly when someone goes inbetween them while they are shutting right ? well one girl in the lift didnt . so the doors are shutting and the moment billy steps in between the doors they shut on him , both doors touching hit stomach and back , looking asif he was about to be squashed hardout . The thirteen-ish girl , terror-stricken leaps towards baby screaming her lungs out , i was so shocked and wtf that we all froze and for a split second , we were all standing there looking at the girl streached over the lift with her hands gripped on billy , trying to pull him from the doors that "would have killed him" .. moments passed.. what were mere micro-seconds felt like minutes until the doors suddenly re-opened . leaving the girl standing there drowning in her own embarrassement (( eng. sucks i know :) )) .
i think it would have been one of the most funniest things i have ever witnessed . seriously ! you really had to see it . it was h i l a r i o u s !! but yeah . anyway ... i thought it was funny . so i stood in the lift nearly in tears because it was so funny . the girl , didnt think as much .
i guess that shows that not everyone in society is as self-centered and uncaring as you would like to think . id thank the girl for caring so much for a stranger she probably wouldnt remember tomorow . :) its nice to know people care still .
au revoir

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