Monday, June 01, 2009

oh what must i do , this what you be asking
god please hold it down for me , dont let satan get a hold of me
i dont do bad things . sure , i might be a bitch every so often, tax here and there and talk shit but nothing serious. im a good person. im always happy and i listen , im honest 99% of the time and im pretty blunt , im loyal to the ones i love and to the ones who deserve it . i may be as stuborn as a motherfuck , but everyone has their faults , i shouldnt have to pay for mine .
but i seriously dont know whats going on latley ...
so much fighting . fighting fighting fighting .
so much shit . shit shit shit .
why is everyone trying to fuck me over . i try and i try ; but its like they do it on purpose .
the things in my head . i swear im going insane .
sometimes i think about just .. jumping the 3rd story balcony at school .
or jst walk into traffic . but suicides gay . mabye ill get struck by lightning .
or hit by a bus ; neh..
im sick of the negitivity . im sick of motherfuckers bringing me down to their depressing emo levels making me wanna kill something . i just wanna slice people these days . i have two people in my mind at the moment . im sick of them to the day . and i never thought id get sick of one . seriously.. im over their bullshit .
the constant negitive energy . i cant takeee the shit anymoreee !
iv had enough . every day , i get closer to dieing . why do i have to go through these bad memories ?
how dare them fucking give me so much of their bullshit.
i wish one would fuck the offs . and the other to get a fucking grip n shut the fuck up already. yes . its true , im a fucking dog, i will not turn up to anything you organise. i see you when i see you, ACCEPT THAT ALREADY ! yes yes , im a fucking dog, whatever . i dont want to go to parties with bogans and gay cunts and smoke and do drugs and drink until im so drunk i try to hook up with ever ugly motherfucker that is there , i dont want to hang out with "the guys" who are just a bunch of ugly cunts that only want you around cause ur an easy screw . im no hussy and i really dont give a flying fuck what you want or think anymore , iv had enough . im suprised i didnt do this earlier , iv been givin new insight in all of your bullshit . i just want to run away . far far away with bebe .. never talk to anyone again . i wish i could start over somewhere , where noone will know me . and i wont have to put up with bullshit .
im sick of listening to shit .
im sick of feeling unwanted .
i wish someone would chase me too .
i wish i felt wanted as much as i want others .
im sick of the critisism every ten seconds .
im sick of dealing with shit .
i wish i could go back into time .
i miss the old days .
i miss laughing .
i miss being happy .
au revoir .

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