Saturday, May 30, 2009

when you say that you love them and you really know
everything that use to matter dont matter no more .

i gotta say . im pretty proud of myself hey ? haha . my blog is kinda anoying me atm . it keeps doing massive spaces whenever i press the enter bar :S:S wierrrrrrrddd . o well ill just have to put up . andyway ! as i was saying . im pretty proud of myself because i recieved this email today :
Subject: About your Blog‏
Tara Marinello (****@allvoices.com)
You may not know this sender.Mark as safeMark as junk
Sent: Wednesday, 27 May 2009 2:09:59 AM
To: fiare.vie__@live.com
Hello, Came across your blog at blogger.com, you have a great blog. We at allvoices.com, would like to extend an invitation for you to write at our website. It is a citizen journalist site. Writers like you are always welcome to express their opinions. You can debate, discuss and write about any topic you choose. Allvoices has a lot of writers who are passionate about writing and are not afraid to express their views. We provide them a platform to do what they like doing the most..writing√Ę€¦and help make a difference. For registering http://pea.to/Av There is also a blog widget for which can be used to post directly to allvoices from your blog. Thanks,Tara Marinello
haha :) how cool is that ? i thought it was pretty cool seeing as i thought that noone read my blog and it was pretty crap since all i did was ramble about my life , which is something i have in common with everyone (or most) people on the planet . i dont think ill join tho , its probably one of thoes spam-emails anyway ! haha shame .. o well . it boosted my writing ego n e way . not that im a writer =\ haha .
au revoir .

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