Saturday, May 23, 2009

tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
over again

:) life is going well .
its been about .. a couple hours since my last log so nothing real drastic has happened .
tonight i had a very.. unexpected experience . lol i am actually on good terms with someone i though i would have tension with for a long long time yet . it was good , very unexpected though . i think im still in a bit of .. shock ? haha . but yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . change is in the air , and i get the feeling everything is only going to get better .
had another schoolies chat tonight , i think i dont want to go . i dont .. not sure why . but i think id rather travel .
new york . hong kong . milan . paris andd venice ! . so gay .. i was meant to go to milan , paris and venice during the easter holidays .. ugh . plans change , shit happens i suppose . so ; thats my goal . i love to travel . looovee it , new place , air , people , language and culture ; everything is different and i love it . it is and will always be a major thing for me .
bebe's at work again , the dogger ><" but ! going to his house tomorow :) ughhhhhhhhhhhhh... i got paid five hundred on wednesday and i only have one hundred and twenty dollars left . one hundred of them is in my creditsavings account . nehhhhhh fukk . hm . im not sure how i spent it all tho .. like wtf ? shoes&co 150ish , wire bebe 150 into his account , um oh i got him perfume thts like 100ish.. ehhhh.. i suppose ... kinda but not really adds up .. from now on ! iv decided half my pay will go into my other account for life savings . and the rest will be play money . i think ill buy shoes next pay . and i need to open a credit thing for my online shit next week .. and.. um god . i cant rememberrr . oh i was thinking going to sass&bide for shopping but nahh dwant to n e more thinking bam&juju's will be good :) haha .. im soo tired . all i did was polish cutlery in the store room . billions and billions of cutlery and only one tiny machine . two hundread pieces of cutlery at a time , which is like a tiny amount .. thats what you get at the convention centre . lol . haha so grose , food in my hair today . fucking food fight with hikari and claptop . strawberry bullets hurt , so does small cupcakes :( ha .. i think its time to sleep ! - au revoir

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