Friday, May 22, 2009

i just want you close .
where you can stay forever .
sometimes i think the fashion industry is just a long-running joke being played on women everywhere . the latest trend is harem pants . now , i have no doubt that they are comfortable . wonderful . comfort is good , its excellent . im all for comfort . but there is a limit, ladies . and harem pants are way , way past that limit . oh , so far past . for the uninitiated (oh how luckkyy you are!) , harem pants sit on the hips and cinch in around the calf . in between those extremes the pants balloon outwards around the hips and thighs . the crotch is low . very , very low . yes, these pants are the dreaded "poo catchers" .oh god, oh god why ? ill admit harem pants can look quite flattering in glossy fashion spreads . thats because theyr worn by super skinny , extremely beautiful models . everything looks good on those women . For the rest of us mere mortals , harem pants are a disaster . " YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WEAR THEM WITHOUT LOOKING LIKE THE SADDEST KIND OF FASHION VICTIM " . if theyr so comfortable that you absolutely cant resist , stick to wearing them around the house . like ugg boots ; fine indoors , not so fine outdoors . harem pants are just the latest in a very long line of unflattering , ugly and just plain weird trends . the one thats copped the most flak over the last few years is the much derided hipster pants. Fine , if your a size ten and under ; decidedly not so fine for everyone else. muffin tops with never , ever be a good look . Then there are high heels . Again , there is a select group of lucky women that can pull them off . most women , however , cant actually walk in heels . they must resort to a stiff backed, bent-kneed shuffle. and the sex appeal that heels are suppose to emit is lost beside a pinched expression and faint grunts of agony. and dont get me started on baby doll dresses ; those voluminous sacks that make you look eight months pregnant . girls who have spent punishing hours transforming their bodies into sleek machines seemed quite happy to stroll around looking as though they only are food which has been deep fried and sugar coated . how can this be so ? why do so many of us fall into the trap of buying these horrifically unflattering or painful items when we know that only a genetically blessed minority can pull them off ? i dont have the answers , but im not suggesting that we forgo fashion altogether . clothes are fun and you feel better about yourself when you know you look good . but nobody looks good in harem pants . wear them and you might as well walk around with a giant flashing neon sign that says " FASHION VICTIM " . however , people should wear what ever the hell they feel like. i enjoy a good fucked up outfit . dress up as a super hero , wear a top hat . parade around in a tutu. i dont care. but harem pants, too high hipsters and sack dresses are all unnecessary and it is my firm belief that the would would be a better place if we erased all such objects from our collective memories - and wardrobes.
ahhh . went to the city tonight with my cousin keni , who followed me there for krispe kremes and hanaichi lol , without my baby tho :( so wierd , like one of the first and very few times ill ever be seen in the city without my other half . talk about uncomfortable-ness ==" eep . but yeah ! bought new heel-boots today , wonderful . i love a shopping . ugh..uneventfully; broke my feet running around the city looking for earings that i couldnt find :( ended up buying something else for bb instead :) i like it . he will get it on sunday mabye if he dusnt piss me off . hahaha (i know he'd be reading this since he usually reads my ramblejambles) haha . but yeah . saw my homegirl nikki today , mannnn havent seen her in ages . shes changed so much ! love i tell you haha . her boss-man let her out to play tonight :L haahaha . but yeah :) she seems so much happier now , instead of the sad , lonley nikki i once knew and grew accustomed to :) im happy she's happy . even though she nearly dogged the dogger today .
haha finally she's stood , walked and is running in my shoes :)
no more "your neverrr out anymore meiii :("
and more "i dunno if i can , ill ask my bebe"
im happy for her .
i really love life latley . i feel so happy .. like yeah :) i uno.. jst ughhh i love everything . i love the night , i love my shoes . i even love my bestfriends miranda and bree for dogging me tonight so i can do some solo-doe.lo shopping for my one and only . ha which would be harder if i had tag-a-longs . i love the scum that chill at the trainstation . or the homeless peeing on benches . i love the hot asian ladies that prowl the city at night looking for a good lay . i love the gangsters that huddle in corners smoking theyr smoke , dealing theyr dope . i love the skanksters with their trains of admirers . i love the emos that smoke at HJs and have pretty much nothing better to do with their lives than get wierd piercings and even the pakis that sit on that bench in the middle of queen street that usually freak the fuck out of me . im a really happy person latley . all my negitive energy has finally fucked off for a while .
" you perceive you will achieve " . and i know who's behind all my blissfull-nesss : billy pang :)
for me , life is better than ever . i think ill go study until my bebe calls after work .
- au revoir

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