Sunday, May 24, 2009

baby i know sometimes its going to rain . but baby can we make up now
cause i cant sleep through the pain .

ahh . study again how boringg . Yesterday i went to my boyfriends house and chilled for a while / slept since i was so god damn tired and the big windows and rain and darkness made it the perfect day to crawl into bed and sleep until late in the afternoon . At about two-three o'clock in the afternoon we decided to go out and eat , since we havent done that in a while ; pretty much jst going grosery shopping most days and cooking at his house . ahh life is good haha . but ! as me and he were on the escalators (spellinggg) to go to adelaide street i passed one of my girl friends crying as she went to catch a bus home . Thinking nothing much of it since she cries frequenly i asked her once what was wrong . (i thought mabye she got fired from work again.. since that something she's good at lol) but . she replied telling me nothing & that she just finished work an is going home , trying to hold in her tears she pretty much ran away . hey im not going to chase her, its not my bussiness right ? so i let it go .
i got to school today and she was still a bit depressed , confused and STILL thinking mabye she got fired i asked her what was wrong ? she emptied everything out on me . iv never felt so disgusted before.. at anyone . it was a horrible thing that she had gone through , and i am very sorry that i didnt care earlier . she's only small and naive , she didnt need this .
She explained to me that her parents, who are both from strong-italian backgrounded families are going through a divorce-seperation for the last two months . i felt sorry for her , but hundreads of familys have gone through that right .. so .. it wasnt any suprise to me ? but then she continued to tell me how her father claims he hasnt loved his wife for the past fifteen years . thats just bullshit . lies lies lies .. then the story continued . he's leaving because hes fallen in love with a japanese girl . this japanese girl being the one that stayed with them for eight months as an exchange student learning english . shes twenty one years old . hes nearly fifty . Then things started to click in her mothers head . The last two months that she was here they were alone alot . in the house ; she at school and her mother at work . He would come home from work with things for naomi , nothing for his wife and daughter . My friend started to get slightly jealous . there were little things that were obvious now , but not before . Naomi and her father would stay up late at night , doing god knows what . one night he was caught in her room . her mother saw the light on but didnt want to know what was happening . so she stayed in her room . Then they found the letters and emails . saying a bunch of crap . she started crying when she told me her father came to her work yesterday , this meeting organised by her boss who had no right what so ever to get involved . he said some things , she wasnt ready to have a relationship with her dad . she no longer see's him as her father , but as a disgusing coward of a man .
i didnt want to know more about her fathers midlife crisis .
i felt so sorry for her .
sometimes theres just nothing right you can say and silence is the best answer you can give .
i guess she didnt really want any opinion i had to offer anyway ;
just someone to listen .
au revoir

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