Tuesday, June 09, 2009

i can be the rain that you need on your flowers
or the call that you get by the hour .

i swear to god im in love with giwawa . ok so iv known its been there for a while , and i see it all the time . walked in once or twice but never actually played . now that me and bebe have ; we're addicted . we go there hardout all the time and blow about fifty everytime we walk into there . we're in city like every weekend . i thankgod we have good paid jobs otherwise we'd be fucked . i plan to cover my room in shit from that place . i uno ; happy surroundings brings happy people . im a happy person :)
wow - looking at my last posts . im so emooo geeeeesh get a fucking griiip i tell ya . shit . haha eep **deleat deleat* nahh not going to be gay . but yeah . =)
so i went to school today :O yeah no biggie there haha but yeah i stayed for about 10 minutes to pick up my books n then CITYYYYYYYYYY to take photos at the Valley for art . eeek... pretty sure the valley has some freaks in it . its been a while since i gone to the valley alone . haha the old days . wake up at seven go to the valley - solo shopping then meet nikki&co shit for the rest of the day at the city . ahhh good old dayys hahah : )
fucckk me n nikki walk down nostalgia lane about everytime we meet haha . but yeah ! so after photos i went to the city. holy shit i forgot david jones had a sale . hooooooolyyy fuckkkk big mistake to walk in there . i saw all the red "sale" signs and then i pretty much dont remember the rest . i think i have like a black spot where i went insane n jst.. i dont know. i remeber jst going everywhereee I FOUND THE HOTTEST JIMMY CHOOS FOR $1 000 MARKED FROM $2 000 so i rang the boyfriend asking if he would be so kind . turnes out he dusnt love me.
hahahahahaha im such a sook . nah im not stupid . id rather buy something worth it than jimmy choos for 1 000 .. no i lied . id get the shoes . thats how bad its gotten . ==" kill me now . jst typing this out makes me want to go shopping. fucking.. was so hard not to take out my card n jst .. go shoppinggggg . bb rang n helped me through my moment . hahaha
m: bb .. i cant do this its a saleee bebe look at everythinggg i . need to go shoppinggg
b: come on bb, you spend alotttt already this month.. you need to save for me remmeber ? come on .. jst walk out and meet me outside?

m: i cant..
b: why bb? .. where are you.. exactly ...
m: downstairs in the shoe section
b: ohh ffs hold on .
then he came down and dragged me outside .
he . is . my saviour . i love him loaddds haha
we aRre33 goiinGG t3w b33 toGeTHe3rrr 43vARrS !!
ahahahahahahah fuckking hell x)
xOXxoxOXXOxoxOXoxoOX .

- au revoir

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