Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i need your smile,
to brighten up my life
Alright . so i havent blogged in a while so i thought id do a re-capp over what has happened over the last couple of days, shit maann i cant even remember what day it is today im so fatigued all of a sudden x( . cant say i care what people read on this hey ? cause you know its myblog and you willingly clicked on here to read/pry into my shitprobably hoping im talking shit anyways, so haha on you bitchass . haha am i right or am i right ?
anywayyy ...
so alright . i had a bunch of crap typed out just before but dad kicked me out of the office and i didnt get the chance to save what i was doing because he is gay. so now im on my itouch which is running low on battery. advantage to this though is that i can now touch type .. kinda .. like 95% able to do it haha. anywayy typing everything i can remberrrr...
interestinggg .. something interestinggg... nothing really the past couple of days . finally im on exam block !! . thank fuckkk its already one week into my two week long exam and im nearly finished, only like one more day left so thankgod for that. hmm lets start on .. shit i cant even remember my last post . i think it was last tuesday that just passed?
ok so wednesday was one of my free days.
i had to do my english feature article exam at 8:30AM and then i was free from 10:30AM onwards . so i finished the exam at like quarter past . it was easy because i had already pre-written the feature article and memorised it the week before the initial exam and then i met nikki in the city . she had a fight with her wesley boyy so he didnt end up making it into the city and instead went to hang with the boys while nikki came and saw me . we went to tea ect and bitched about it and other stuff for a while then shoppinggg , she bought some stuff. i didnt because i had already bought this $9o.oo jumper-thing from bardot. I like the store, it has nice stuff . the name sounds stupid though haha to be honest. but yeahhh and then nikki and i met manny at cue city after we finished shopping and waited for bebe to come from tafe . which he did like an houuuuuurrr later. and he was so cranky and weird i was like offs what is your problem now cranky cunt. then he thought he'd let me know that he hasnt slept in two days (kindaa already knew that one) but he also had a jug of beer on his break with Han . hrrrm hrrm . so he was like reli sleepy n i was like ngakk . anyway manny nikki bebe and i went to have hanaichi . oh i remember nowww i had a massive sook because bebe wasnt letting me have curry haahaha .. cause im allergic and it makes me ill but i eat hanaichi's cause its yum . but anyway we had the chicken hanaichi stuff ? and it was better than i thought *memo - get that next time . but hmm yeah and so we finished eating n was just chitchatting and then we decided to go look at shoes , bebe wanted to show me ones he likes that i probably buy him later on after his iphone shit . haha soooo on the way out we ran into ppl i ddnt even kno who it was until billy was like is chris staring over ? n i was like wa ? *clicking to who these people actually were , i was thinking more about shopping than i was people and i looked over and he's staring point blank at us im like lol probs thinks ur hot , being a smartass . n so billys like imagine if i winked at him would he think im wierd ? n im like yeh just leave it who cares and so bebe gave one of thoes nod things guys do thats like "what you want" cause it was so obvious he was staring that it was embarasing for him lol . ner anyway we left and i completley forgot about thoes ppl and continued on with what i was doing . so i saw the shoes and we were talking about shifts and stuff and bebe made a stupid comment that pissed me off about the 20th of june. which, he is working byy the wayy . i think im going shopping with ching . anyway . i was sooking about that until i saw that chris n stuff have come out of wintergarden and were sitting outside the shoe place . i thought it was wierd because i thouht they were going to eat but what ever people change their minds like blah . so we walk out of the place and .. funnily chris is staring again . im thinking they came out on purpose because we came out that way but merr mabye they have better things to do than follow ex's around the city . or mabye not . anyway chris came over talking shit like what ya lookin at hey? n shit bla bla n it was a whole no i was looking at you looking at me n im like lmfao wtf are you guys arguing about ffs . n then cindy comes over accusing billy of "winking" at her or "giving her a smartarse look" n im like LMFAO n billys like wtf ? no i was looking at him . ha ha ha .. i actually forgot how selfcentered some people can get thinking that everything is somewhat connected or involved with themselved. but hey , everyones different . so there i am trying not to burst out laughing at how pathetic this all was and then corey and billy and chris start fighting . great another fight blaa . and then the cops turned up out of nowhere, theyr fast btw, and chris&co where nowhere to be found . neh . i knew enough info to give to the cops abt chris's details anyway and the cops seemed to know who i was talking about but . they asked billy if he wanted to press charges . since chris was the one throwing the first punch . they started it and yeah . i said yes . do it . he said no and not to worry about it . thats stupid . o well . if they come back he's pressing them , wether he likes it or not . *shrug . i hate most cops and i dont usually talk to them . i only like one which is one of my good friends dads . haha . he's cool . x)
UMMMMMMMMMMMMMM i really cant remember . oh oh oh . i went and slept at babys house . and i was meant to change his sheets but i frgot . i did the dishes instead haha im a toool .
:| i cant remember . i slept at babys .
WORKING all day . fuckingg clapton fucked my arm up when we were fighing in the carpark . lol eep .
i slept at babys . still havent changed the bedsheets . will do that on friday ?
monday i had an infomation technology exam which went alreighhhhhhht . and then i went home and fell asleep and wokeup at like midninght, ate food and went back to sleep at like 4am .
i had a nightmare . it was heaps sad , x( woke up crying . eeekkkks .
and thats it . ill do todays on a seperate ones cause im a mad cunt .
- au revoir

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