Thursday, June 18, 2009

your going to be a shining star
with fancy clothes and fancy car
Sooo.. today im sickkk sick sick , so sick i see green . iv been at home sleepinggg away everything . i actually feel a little bit better. bebe rang today . turns out he's working on the 26th . so .. not going to elaines anymore . o well .. next time i guess . i feel like crap hey.. i uno why . probably because im sick . i uno .
i watched gossip girl todayyy lol yay for foxtel . ahh i remember when i use to want that lifestyle hahaha neh . times have changed i guess , im less superficial and materialistic .
im more happy .
give or take . haha ... still feel like shit . i guess it was because i was looking forward to elaines , or looking forward to wearing a new pair of shoes ... i went and bought stuff , ran around the city looking for stuff with nikki and now poof all gone . o well , theres aways riku's on the 28th, ill just yeah x) haha . guess you cant have both . ner . riku said to bring stuff .. wtf m i going to bring ?! merrrr ... i dont know what to bring .. bebe can help me with that . x) ha . he's cheeryo-ing me ups .
i feel a bit down today . o well . bb's singing like a stooge on the phone trying to cheer me up . i love him alot , even if i dont end up going to elaines ..

- au revoir .

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