Wednesday, June 17, 2009

lord, give me a sign ,
show me the light .
i see red .
eep . i dont feel so well . i think im getting a cold . thanx airconditioner at school + the dog . yeah .. the dog . fuck him . fuck everything . someone either stole my heels or they got "accidently" thrown into the trash . who would throw away a heel ? no.. like what the fuck why ? you dont throoww away perfectly fine shoes for no reason. she hates me . moms horrible... :( now im missing a heel and i have to get a seconddd pair, i wonder if they will sell me one shoe ? since im only missing one . this is like a sick joke .. fuck my life . i hate everything . and i feel like shit . i sneezed blood all over my hands just before . thats so disgusting, and im coughing up blood too.. mabye its swine ? ..ugh . sick and pissed like a motherfucker . buying new shoes tomorow .

i went shopping today, i bought a dress, jewelry, new bag, new wallet (thank fuckk) new stuf stuf ... alot actually . good old salessss . most of it was for elaines, like a whole new outfit and shit and now that i donnnt have shoes im going to get the toni bianco ones iv been looking at , but thats only to replace my missing shoes :( im going to get a second pair from shoobiz .. again theyr like hundread something :( aggahh . life is gay . but yeah , im pretty much ready for elaines . ha . i love doing this shit . it should be fun . haha im making baby dress the gold and black too hahaha . he's cute . i cant waiiitttt . and then i have riku's thing on on the twenty-eighth with a handful of grammar people i think .. yayyy great fun haha baby is comming with me .. but apparently keni mai is going to .. i wonder how this is going to work out . our last conversation was .. akward .. he rang me and said some stuff.. i told him that i will never go back to him, because im happy with baby and that he should move on or something.. but yeah.. it was err.. im happy where i am . i will not go back there again . he probably wont go to riku's because of me . i feel bad .. o well .
feel like shit .. im going to sleep to die now .
- au revoir .

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