Friday, June 19, 2009

your nobody
until your spoken about .
Faaahhh mehhhh im so tired. i have actually done nothingg all day but sit at home and watch gossipgirl . i woke up at like 2PM today cause i didnt sleep until about 4am - 5am because baby decidd not to go to sleep before work so i stayed up and chitchatted with him until i passed out haha sorry babyyy ==" but yeah so i woke up and i looked at my phone . nothing . no text nothinggg so im like ohhhft what the hell is this ? what a cunt .. not even a text when i text him every single freaking morning and he couldnt even text me then i thought mabye he slept in .. but he has that really scary loud alarm clock so i highly doubt he slept in sooo i thought he just forgot . so im laying in bed im thinking omg fagot .. he dusnt love me ! he's cheating isnt he ! he's texting someone else instead ! (dramatic right, this all happens in a span of like 10 seconds) and im about to have a massive sook over how life is so bad and rah rah and then the phone rings . it was bb . LOL . haha saying good morning and stuff and that he's on his break and that he loves me ect ect . so after our little phone call and i hungup im all like.. farrrrrkk me i get so worked up over nothing . and go back to sleep .
so thats my morning . at about 2ish some bitch rings my house looking for my mother (probably the school since i decided not to go today ) but when i answered the phone shes all like hello is mrs phe there and im like oh sorry shes at - the phone made this big ZAAAAAAAAAAARRPPP noice and bamo it died . like ahhhh ahahaha now theyr going to think i hung the phone up on them . and so i tried to get my phone working and nothing , its dead so i think hrmmm.. so i got up and went outside into the foyer to see if that phone is working . nope . haha now the schools going to think i disconnected the phones on purpose . myy bad . o well nerr.

mom came home at four and yelled at me for still being nearly asleep when i was meant to be ready to go to the doctors today because i have aids. ok not really aids more like a 48hr virus since i feel fine now but death the other day lol . that or im awesome at fighting against swine flu : ) i go with the second one . anywayyy baby rings me after he finishes work at the convention center at 4:30ish and tells me his funny convo with the Hong Kong supervisor or captain Han at work .. supervisor? captain ? or just a normal F&B i uno but yeah it was like .
they were talking about how you would make more money doing the job they do here in hotels in Hong Kong and Han was telling Baby how he should move to Hong Kong cause you make more money .
and babys like :
bb: Nah.. it would be good but i have all my friends and stuff here..
han: yeah but you could always make new friends, easy man .
bb: yeahh... but my girlfriend is here. (me: AWWWWWWWWW he stays for meeee x) , i already know he really wants to go back to HK so this is cute ha. )
han: take her with you ?
bb: lol ! nahhh her mother will kill me ey .. fuuuck .
han: nahh cant be that bad (me: or something like that this part is fuzzy) .
bb: nah , monette will kill me ey .
han: wait , monettes your mom ?!
bb: no, Monette is my girlfriends mom .
han: your going out with Monette's daughter !? fahh, shes very pretty (me: haaa x) )
bb: haaa.. yeahhhhh (me: what a showoff . )
anyway that was it :| but then apparently han goes to my mom like minutes later after lunch:
han: Hey monette.. billy says he's going to Hong Kong with your daughter and never bringing her back .
mom: HAAA good luck with that .
han: whats that suppose to mean ey?
mom: I warned him already , i feel sorry for any guy that goes out with megan . if he's going to take her , he better not give her back.
han: ohhhh your a bitchhh .

me: :O WTF . mom is such a bitch :( she haaates meeeee ! hahaha nah but it was heaps funny hahaha ,... or so i was told . the one day i dont go to work :( i hate everything .
faa! baby should make captain in like less than a year .. or so we hope . thats so goooood faaahh captain . woo . moneyy . hahaha x)

merrr the cooking show is on . i think Po got eliminated, so it not that big of a "GOTTA WATCH" kinda show anymore :( SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is on after though and im definatley going to watch that .
baby comes home in like . 2hrs 20 minutes x) he's going to be so dead tomorow . i should find stuff to bring to his house :) my poor baby . haha .

- au revior .

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