Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i keep thinkin bout those better days , so many things i wanna tell you
like how much i love you
i feel depressed . i feel like shit .
but i dont know why ?
drowning nostalgia .
nostalgic for the old days . i feel like a burden .
i feel wrong . but whats wrong ?
i dont know .. or more like
i dont want to think about it . thinking is bad .
mabye im thinking too much ?
or mabye not enough..
just emotions right ?
mabye its all wrong . im just being stupid .
im just being .. stupid .
or mabye im being smart ?
am i ? whats wrong ?
i dont know .. why ?
overthinking .. thats all .
but it all sounds too familiar .
or does it ? mabye its in my head .
i keep seeing things in my head .
who do i go to ? should i ?
am i going insane ? whats happening ..
mabye its nothing .. or is it ?
im hurting ..
whats wrong ? i dont know ..
or do i ? mabye i dont want to ..
i dont want to think anymore . thinking is bad but
sleep is good . i dont want to wake up .
mabye i wont . who knows ?
what am i feeling ?
but whats wrong ?
i dont know ...
au revoir

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