Tuesday, June 23, 2009

all i do is party ,
ha ha ha ha .
Okayy i typed out one the other day on my itouch but it vanished again :( why is life so cruel . so, TAKE TWO :
the past couple of dayyyys , i have been doing pretty much nothing =\ haha its the first couple of days of the holidays , cant expect too much ! but ill plan my plans this holidays out on here tho .
oh and i realised that none of my other posts are very good to read , probably because the fonts are too light ? yeah well suck it up just highlight the things x) haha .. i had a black background and now i have a white one and no , there are too many to change .

today .. was a pretty chill day . i went to babys house and . the end :) i slept all day literally slept through the 20th of june . today , marks a year exactly to the day i first met my boyfriend . cute no ? i actually remember the day . ok so at first i didnt remember , i didnt exactly remember him until i spoke to him again and he reminded me that he , in his tipsyness up at tops in the city on a friday night gave me a hug and introduced himself , ignoring his girlfriend because they had an argument or she went off with friends or something ? cant quite remember whyy he came over but none the less i remember him comming over to the massive pile of bags on the floor where i was trying to dig out my TB country road bag because i was leaving to go somewhere else, home ? dinner with who ever else was with me ? i dont know but he came up and said hi as i was leaving , i said hi and he asked where his hug was because i gave kk and everyone else a hug as i was leaving . so i gave him a hug and left . didnt see or talk to him until five months later, 20th November O9 when he added me to bebo . id seen his profile earlier , when cindy added me weeks earlier , with him as his other half . it didnt click to me that the sleasy guy was cindys other half on bebo . neeee wayyyy . back then , i was with kenny .. and he was with cindy .
life ... was alot calmer . haha . but life , is alot better today : ) .
sundayyy.. sundayyy .. hrmmm i was with baby i know that . i raced to his house and slept and ate and did all that crap for the day then i went home and did the same things . its better at his house . i think today was raining hard . yeah ! it was , it was raining really hard , it was soo nice and comfortable in bed with the rain , or watching tv and stuff . relaxing , kinda like what you see girls doing on tv in their nice houses with big windows . baby has nice windows . haha .
Mondayyy , death day , haha i had to go to work today . it was boring and normal like every other work day . funny though apparently this lady is mean to everyone , i forgot her name lol , but yeah but she was really nice to me . so im liike hmm you guys are all liars and clapton says "no . not liars she is a bitch , shes scared of your mom and your uncle is the boss" ha . family is good .

TODAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY i slept in and went to the city to pick up food for my beloved babyy and then i went to his house . he was all sooky cause i got there at 12 but he caved in for hanaichi that i got him haha yumm . so today we lazed on the couch and watched tv or went to sleep . :) hahaha . life is relaxing at the momenttt .
tomorow im going to go and get his car with baby and his dad . we'r going to yum cha first . yaaay i havent been to yum cha in yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

oh and id like to let everyone know .
my boyfriend is a dick . and i pwn him at everything !!! hahaha .

- au revoir .

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