Friday, June 26, 2009

and if i had the chance ,
id do it all again , and again , and again .
againnn forgetting to post . haa . and i forgot to do what i said id do in my last one . nerrr my bad . cant help it , i have a life away from a computer screen . lol . so how am i ? rewind back about a week ? two weeks and there is where i am , except happier more "ignorance is bliss" kinda game play going on here . kinda cut though , difference from two weeks ago is i had ten gig of DL now i have none, emoo . i think im going to change the plan to twenty , or get fatherr to when he gets home . anyway , cant remember where i was up to but ! ill just start from last night .
finalllyyy got to talk to vibiee about shit all ,catchup and what not, good shit . anddd funny FML chat with chenny. pretty sure he's hilarious . so baby went to dinner with some guys at sunnybank or whatever nerr and i pretty much msn & facebooked all night , with a bit of myspace here and there . but im over myspace heyy , been using facebook heapppsss more . lol rage, somehow got rid of my music box :( nerr not like i used it much anyway . heaps of random people adding my account , like bands and shit , im like ahh true shit . bands... ner but yeah so now is like ew . but yeah ! ha fuck , too much red bull today im like bounsing off the walls, cant finish sentences haha . i had four cans of mother , true fact . it makes you happy . i swear i dont think iv ever been in a better mood . eeep , so i cant sit still . anywayy so .. some random guy from grammar got my email of a chain e-mail and decided to add me , im like okay , your a strange one . turns out ill be chilling with him sunday at southbank . sundayyyyy - southbank bbq . finally , i miss thoes peoplee . but yeah .
todayyy i went to the science center with baby . oh my god he was so excited to go like pretty much running up and down the bus the whole way ==" fuckk he drives like a crazy guy.. seriously like gripping the seats praying to god we dont hit a pole . his car is nice , i like it, needs a biiger muffler , a blowout valve turbo system thing that like does shit... :| and like .. external neons faaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrk yeah im gay like that . too bad their like illegal , and id get him the blow out valves if i knew how . but yeah , insides all got new sound system and neons and sticky thing and all that shits so we went to sunnybank for a haircut and blah , pay phone bills, watched him have a cry for an iphone ill be getting him soon then we went to sb . ha science center ! so fun , lolol , like two kids running around . he's a compeditive asshole . i win though , everytime . cause im better . pft . haha . ahhh so thats about all really thats happened latley . appart from same shit happening with other people, give up there . like someone said "if your not really affected by it, and your doing what you want , fuck it , just do it and fuck everyone else.." yaaa theres more, but i dont think so . love them all . because now , i agree with all the shit they tell me so im not going to botherrr . fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckk , im in the best mood ,fuckk i love everything hahahahahahaaa . oh , downsider : didnt go to elaines because of a baby + another baby . yerr .. fahh .
- au revior .

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