Wednesday, July 01, 2009

so hard to find, i could search my whole life,
looking for someone as precious as you .
First day of the month , i wake up at like 8am to wake baby up so he can go to work because he didnt get home until three last night from being out with the guys , then back to sleep until like sometime in the afternoon . yes , slept most of today away , going to be the same thing until saturday when i have to work at like 5am ==” ew . but yeahhh , wake up and get mcdonalds and the delivery guy comes !! thankfuckkk , oi mann so happy hey , shit . got my charger for my laptop whichh is what im using right now , greattt aanooo ! haha , but yeah . so for the rest of the day / night im going to be DL music that i have been unable to download for the past like forever . i plannnnn to jst DL all the shit i found on youtube and then some , and then im just going to start with loserboi’s best of June play list since im too behind and cbf to dl the other ones . i got most of the June one so nerrr no big shits there . finallyyy got to update my ipopple x) fuck mann , so happy today . on top of that , got my report card back the other day ! haaa , thought i failed like everything but no , A’s and B’s throughout , more A’s . fuck yeah , so no worries there cuuuunttt . not seeing baby until sunday , because he’s working and so im just going to stay home and eat the internet until i have to work which is on saturday & sunday (Y) good shit . fuck im happy .
haven’t been able to post without my laptop because dads desktop is slower than mine haa , dont know how , and its anoying using my ippople for shit . so yeah .. i only post when im reallyyy bored and its holidays so why would i be online alot anyway ? yeahh thats right . so yeah . its like eight fifty now , baby should be home in about 2hrs-ish . haa .. 100million lotto the other night too , shame didnt win , had like four numbers ? im like ohh ffs … hahaha cause the other ones were soo closeee and baby had a couple too . but yeah , eh there’s always next week . we’re going to go half on the lotto from now on haha get some dosh .
so yeahh thats about it really, very happy latley , life is perfectttttt , DL & $$ .
im having the wierdest dreams this week , so far , iv had three dreams that include a baby , it all started with the one where i gave birth to my skeleton ? :| yeah .. i do not understand .
1st one was my water broke and the baby had the cord around its neck and it was going to die if i didnt stop pushing but i couldnt and i uno wht happened bt yeah :| and it was scary but like not .
2nd one was just me with a maaaasive belly and like i fell over and i thought it died and it was like hardout emo moments but i dont think it did
3rd one was i had the baby and it was cute as a motherfucker but someone was trying to take it from me and i was like trying to stop them kinda thing and i had a pole and it was green and glowing and my cousin got a new laptop (dont know how the laptop fit in) and like i bought a massive house and shiz , i think i won the lotto too haha eeep.
i know , fucked up , seriously freaks me out hey.. cause like ... if you dream of babys n shit usually means death .. and if you dream of death n shit usually means new life ... so im like ohhh wtff whos going to die ?! scaring me , fuuuuck man cause im dreaming of it heaps eeep.
so , im out , better things to do than keyboard click .
- au revoir .

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