Saturday, August 15, 2009

my words start slurring, my vision starts a blurring
in a heavy trance, but i want another glass.

hello hello ! , okay so i haventttt exactly been blogging or online much at all, minus facebook holey golley i am addicted hard out to another social website ... errrkkk, its farmville really . i dont know why, i suppose its because im compeditive, so i want to get as high up in the game asap, haha before my boyfriend does. its even gotten to the point where i automaticly remember when my crops are ready to harvest and i sms the boyfee to go online and harvest them before they die :| i know right ? pa-athetic .

had another tiff with the boyfee anyways , but thats over, again. we fight all the time haha, but like seriously. we say we want to leave each other but then cant do it in the end. just shit talk. we like to waste time. hahaha. but yeah : ) he bought me perfumes yesterday. i really love
harajuku andd Viktor&Ralf's Flowerbomb , its heaps niceeeee . but yes , went shopping and stuff, my cousin decided she didn't like the lace shirt her mother gave her so i ended up with it, i was like haa.. this is the same shirt i saw in bardot, sports girl, cotton on and supre (haha rank) and somewhere else. she got it from Bardot or Cotton On ? i dont know, :) mehh . but yeah . its okay i suppose, kinda looks a bit wierd but im like =\ a new-with-tags hand-me-down ? err....i could get my own... im going to dreamworld on tuesday with school so i probs wear it then. Im so bored tonight ! just sitting at home and sleep , going to study tomorow and go back to Chermside to look at anotherrrr formal dress : im going to the Boys Grammar formal at the end of the month . But i was thinking about the sass & bide dress i found and pretty much bought for it :

butttt that all depends on if i can find one : )
meeeeehh , we shall see wont we !

sass & bide "the almost moon"

anyway ! going to go watch tv. will be back later mabye when i go and catchup on blogs and starrrfff


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