Thursday, September 17, 2009

dance forever with the devil on a code cell block.
Hello again lovelies ! , ooookay, the other night i went to river fire with the boyfriend, we also went to Vee's birthday dinner and ate like a mountain of food at Jojo's :) anddd then we went to like the casino? and watched the fireworks with a bunch of people :) 
good night, havent been out like that in a while actuallyyy, going to do alot of it on the holidays,
megan is back. 
yeeeeeep aaha, but yes, i feel so sick : ate soo much hanai its insane :) So yeah after riverfire fire-works we were walking walking, Me, Elaine & Nikki (MEN) were being idiots and walking in a line that spelt out
we were being idiots until we realised that everyone vanished, o:... so we went to TEA.ECT because i cant function if i go to the city and not get a coffee icey ahaha, and we chilled there for a while then went to QCT. Bummed there for a while and took photos then my brother rang and we went to meet him at jackpot. i actually think iv done an entry on riverfire before but o well iv already started so ill say it again lol. Anywhoo, walking to jackpot saw people at starbucks, then there was a fight at starbucks apparently but we already left, then we saw a bunch of old people, kenny&co, kept walkinggg and saw my bro who had the FUNNIEST conversation with some random white guy walking by.
he was using a thick asian accent all broken english-like and the guy was talking about cows and stuffing them and putting them in a big oven and my bro was talking about woks and omg funny funny i was laughing sooo much :) 
argh, my eyes are so red & puffy, again. Theyr always like that these days.
im so tired of everything.

photos photos:

MEN & boys.
pretty much like my sisters.



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