Monday, October 05, 2009

Don't even want to say hello, just come and wrap me In your arms
What if I said you had all of me would you keep me safe from harm.

so every day of the last week of the holidays i have pretty much had to work, leaving home at about quarter to seven in the morning and arriving home again at close to five in the afternoon. i get home, fall into my bed dead tired from the four days of work iv had and i look onto my desktop and i see a new folder "i love you baby" and inside that folder was another folder, in another, in another:

its: iloveyou baby/ your at work n im home/ and im really missing you baby/ hehe im going to shower then leave to see jeff :)/ i hope you see this when you get home !/ just want you to know i love you/ *word document: openme./ alot alot alot alot alot..ectt.

he's cute, knows the right way to make me smile :)
or ho oi lei baobei.


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