Friday, November 06, 2009

im looking for love this time,
sounding hopeful,
but its making me cry.
So, today was the end of school. no more classes, no more nothing. only have to go to school for one exam and the graduation and then i will never have to go back again. im happy, i suppose. as happy as one can get. 6/11/2009, you would think it would be one of my happiest days, ha.. not really. left the school iv hated forever, never felt so relieved that i will never have to go back again. so many people were all teary, i didn't. you cant cry over something you've hated with an absolute passion. Baby came and watched everyone farewell the year 12's, brought me flowers and food then dropped me off home.

"happy ten months megan. hope you enjoy your evening. alone ." 
 im thinking  
"better get use to it."
 lol, already am.

" who am I to beg for difference, finding love in a distant instant. 
But I don't mind, Oh love, at least I tried..
well I tried"

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